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“Reach Across the Aisle on Health Care Reform” … “A Middle Ground" … “Democrats are Agitating for a New Strategy” … “Has Found at Least Some Favor with Republicans” … “Similar to Reforms Recently Proposed by the Liberal CAP” … “Some [Republicans] May Be Willing to Work With [the Group]”

Mic Headline: The GOP Demanded To See Democrats’ Health Care Plan, So House Dems Took Them Up On That Dare

Vox Headline: House Democrats Introduce New Plan To Fix Obamacare

Inside Health Policy Headline: Democrats Test Waters For Bipartisan ACA Fix

Kaiser Health News Headline: Bipartisan Whispers Start Behind The Scenes As Republicans Publicly Push For A Vote

CQ Roll Call Headline: House Democrats Push For Health Exchange Stabilization Plan

The Hill Headline: Ten House Democrats Propose Plan To Fix ObamaCare

Talking Points Memo Headline: Group Of House Dems Unveil Proposals To Tweak Obamacare

Gray TV Headline: Vermont And New Hampshire Lawmakers Attempt To Reach Across The Aisle

Hoyen TV Headline: Democratic Lawmakers Try To Reach Across The Aisle On Health Care

KATU Headline: Rep Schrader: GOP Support For His Plan To Fix Obamacare Is Possible

Times of San Diego Headline: As Obamacare Repeal Falters, Rep. Peters Backs Plan To Stabilize Insurance Markets

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D.: “We need to realize that Republicans do not have the answers; we’re going to have to work together for real health care reform. I’ve always been a strong advocate of bipartisan efforts to improve the ACA. The plan by the New Dems that includes risk mitigation for insurers, guarantees of subsidies and other policies, is an excellent step in the right direction.  In particular, the plan would stabilize the exchanges and decrease premiums, thereby addressing two key concerns the American people have with the health care system.”

Mic: “Seeking to deflect attention away from their own party’s inability to make good on its seven-year promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, on July 5 the Republican Party instead took aim at their Democratic counterparts, demanding the Democratic party release their plans to fix the law known as Obamacare.
“A group of 10 House Democrats took them up on that dare, releasing a plan on Wednesday that would make changes to the ACA to fix some of the underlying issues with the individual markets created by the legislation.”

Vox: “These Democrats are agitating for a new strategy, one where they speak openly about the health law’s weak spots — particularly the individual market — and how to shore them up.

“[The idea to create a permanent fund to offset the costs of especially expensive patients] has found at least some favor with Republicans: This week, the Trump administration gave Alaska the funding it would need to create a state-level version of the program.

“Some of these ideas, like the reinsurance fund and the permanent cost-sharing reduction subsidies, are broadly quite similar to reforms recently proposed by the liberal Center for American Progress think tank.”

Wall Street Journal: “More than half a dozen Republican and Democratic senators are looking at ways to stabilize the Affordable Care Act’s embattled marketplaces, for example.

“A group of House Democrats Wednesday offered a proposal they pitched as the basis for bipartisan negotiations. It would create a $15 billion annual reinsurance program and authorize permanent funding for the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies, ideas similar to those being discussed in the Senate talks. The plan also includes policy ideas floated by Republicans, such as broadening the use of health savings accounts and automatically enrolling uninsured Americans in catastrophic health plans.”

Gray TV: “While many Republicans have been outspoken that Congress must repeal Obamacare. Some may be willing to work with Democrats. ‘That’s the conversation that we need to have member to member Republicans and Democrats taking the shirts off we’re one America, we’re all Americans, and we have a problem that we need to solve," Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY-23).

“If the Senate is unable to repeal it, like the House already did, he says he’s open to discussion with his Democratic colleagues.”

Inside Health Policy: “Democrats in both the House and Senate are ratcheting up calls for bipartisan work on health care as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are bucking leadership and pushing their own plans.

“On Wednesday, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) also urged a bipartisan solution and said he has several Republicans -- “the usual suspects plus a lot more” -- interested in ideas”

Politico: “Democrats in recent days have tried to find a middle ground, proposing a series of small Obamacare fixes and emphasizing the need to shore up the markets ahead of any broader health care overhaul. ‘The Affordable Care Act’s made a lot of progress. Now is the time to fix it,’ said Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.), one of 10 House Democrats pushing a five-point plan to stabilize Obamacare.”

Gray TV: “House Democrats are attempting to reach across the aisle on health care reform. ‘The politics behind this issue are really keeping us from the solutions that can help the American people,’ Rep. Ann Kuster (D-NH-2).

“The members say their proposals will eliminate uncertainty for patients and lower premiums. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says it will can make insurance more affordable and he hopes to do it with the help of Republicans. ‘If we take a step together to fix a problem we acknowledge together does exist it may allow us to start to work together to make healthcare more affordable for all Americans,’ Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT-At Large).”

Times of San Diego: “The plan comes as President’s Trump’s administration nears the six-month mark without a promised repeal and replacement of President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Care. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said Republicans, despite their majority, may need to negotiate with Democrats to stabilize markets because ‘no action is not an alternative.’

“‘Even as we work to defeat the disastrous Republican proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it is clear that Congress will still need to act to improve our current healthcare system,’ said [Rep. Scott] Peters. ‘These proposed solutions would help increase choice for Americans who use the exchanges and slow the growth of premiums and deductibles by stabilizing the individual markets.  This is what Congress should be doing: putting politics aside and working together to protect what is working in our health care system and fix what isn’t.’”

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