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The “guaranteed issue” and “community rating” provisions of the ACA ensure patients can’t be denied coverage or charged more based on pre-existing conditions.

Many Americans in the individual market have experienced hikes to their premiums and deductibles because some patients have required more health services than their plan predicted. Without a sufficiently funded reinsurance program, insurers will charge higher premiums to make up for, or in anticipation of, financial losses.

Create a dedicated annual $15 billion reinsurance fund.

The ACA helps millions of families purchase affordable health coverage through cost sharing reduction (CSR) payments. These funds reduce copays and deductibles for lower income families across the country.

Uncertainty about funding CSR payments is already creating a crisis in the market, leading to fewer choices for consumers and driving up premiums. These premium increases could cause federal spending to increase by $2.3 billion next year alone.

To avoid calamity for millions of Americans, Congress must make it clear that these payments will continue now and into the future.

There’s a correlation between states with more visible marketing strategies around open enrollment periods and the number of people who enroll.

We need to ensure people, particularly healthy people, enroll in coverage and stay enrolled. The Administration’s removal of marketing materials in January caused decreased enrollment, and wavering statements around enforcement of the shared responsibility requirement have caused uncertainty among insurers.

Robust marketing strategies across the country, particularly during open enrollment periods, would expand the risk pool by bringing younger, healthier adults into the marketplace. We must also continue to enforce the individual shared responsibility requirement of the ACA.

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