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Create more options for Americans near Medicare eligibility, including the ability to buy in to Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

Provide additional targeted premium support by age and geography as well as income.

Expand the availability of catastrophic health insurance plans that include essential health benefits and coverage for primary care for younger enrollees.

Ensure that health savings accounts (HSAs) are flexible and compatible with plans compliant with the ACA.


For Enrollment: Consider aligning the ACA’s open enrollment period with tax season.

For Rural America: Ensure rural areas are not at a disadvantage by drawing bidding areas in the individual marketplace to include a balanced pool of enrollees.

For Efficiency: Consider ways to boost and expand use of the Basic Health Program to streamline coverage between Medicaid and the individual private insurance market. Consider allowing ACA subsidy certification for multiple years, which would give people and plans certainty for longer periods.

For Innovation
: Spur innovation and bring more choice and competition to the market by issuing clear guidelines and working with states to incorporate smart waiver opportunities that increase choice while maintaining strong consumer protections.

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