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Investing in transportation and infrastructure projects in Oregon and across the nation creates jobs and ensures our global competitiveness. Right now, rising nations, like China, India and Brazil are making huge investments in their air, rail, port and ground infrastructure. Investments in those areas here at home play a significant role in the United States economic superiority. For too long, the U.S. has skated by with putting in the bare minimum needed to maintain our transportation sectors.

I strongly support robust infrastructure funding to tackle modern problems. Innovative infrastructure will reduce traffic in our clogged roadways, create good jobs, and spur economic growth in our communities. As Congress once again starts to craft a long-term transportation bill, we must not be afraid to go in bold new directions that give our states the resources and flexibility to update and modernize our many outdated modes. 

The last long-term transportation bill, known as the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, is coming up for reauthorization. Congress must use this opportunity to advance a fully-realized and paid for system. It must include increased resources, new oversight models to make sure projects come in on-time and under-budget, and updated regulations that give more flexibility without sacrificing the work we do to mitigate environmental impacts.

Transportation technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Today’s landscape will be radically different in just five years. Federal policy must catch up and guide these innovative new technologies so that they help move our goods effectively and make sure our citizens arrive safely to their destinations.