Here’s What Oregonians Are Saying About The Overtime Reform And Enhancement Act:

“A Common Sense Compromise” ... Protect Workers and Small Business Owners ...“Reasonable, Common-Sense Legislation” … “[Provides] the Time Necessary”… Exemplif[ies] Leadership Qualities ... 

Oregon Home Builders Association CEO Jon Chandler: “On behalf of the nearly 3,000 member companies of the Oregon Home Builders Association, we thank you [Schrader] for taking the lead on this critical issue. As you know, the rule recently adopted by the US Department of Labor would double the salary threshold for employees being considered as exempt from overtime pay requirements, in the process creating a huge financial and paperwork headache for the construction industry. This reasonable, common-sense legislation would provide the time necessary for employers to ensure compliance, communicate changes, and accurately reclassify employees.”

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association President & CEO Jason Brandt: "Representative Schrader continues to exemplify leadership qualities we need in our elected leaders. His new overtime proposal represents a common sense compromise that helps protect workers and small business owners as they adjust to new marketplace realities. We hope that Congressman Schrader’s legislation can jumpstart Congressional action to lessen the blunt impact these new regulations will have on not only small businesses, but also the higher education community and employers in the non-profit sector.”

Oregon Bankers Association President and CEO Linda Navarro: "More than doubling the current threshold with such a short period of implementation places a considerable strain on Oregon’s banks and the many businesses – especially small businesses – they serve. This strain of the new rules is even more acute given the other employer mandates also required of Oregon businesses by the 2015-16 Oregon Legislature. We believe that the common sense phase-in period of three years contemplated by OREA will provide much needed relief to Oregon’s businesses."

Northwest Food Processors Association Director of Government Affairs Ian Tolleson: "According to 2014 numbers, Oregon’s food manufacturing sector employs roughly 36,124 Oregonians and total sales for the same year are estimated at $16.4 billion. The industry’s wages play a crucial part in our ability to stay competitive. A significant portion of our workforce would be affected by DOL’s new rule. However, the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act allows for a phased in approach to allow businesses to adjust to the rule changes and provide a public input process."

Northwest Credit Union Association: "The Association recognizes that the current threshold for salaried workers needs to be modernized. Northwest credit unions, as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, provide over 15,000 family wage jobs and many are recognized as some of the best places to work in the region. The Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act’s three-year phase in of the new salary threshold gives credit unions the ability to implement wage reforms in a way that will benefit families while preserving their unique business model and ability to serve their members. This common sense legislation is an important reality check to the drastic rule adopted by the DOL."