From the Desk of Congressman Kurt Schrader
Dear Neighbor –

I wanted to write today to tell you about a bipartisan accomplishment that Congress achieved this month. In May, Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate came together to overwhelmingly pass a modernized version of our Toxic Substances Control Act, commonly known as TSCA. And last week, President Obama signed the bill into law.

TSCA was first passed in 1976, and hadn’t been updated until now. Over nearly 40 years, more than 80,000 chemicals have entered the marketplace. Before we passed this update, only 200 of those chemicals were still being regulated by TSCA.

Updating TSCA gives regulators the tools they need to provide greater protection for Americans from unsafe chemical exposure. It will also provide more certainty in the marketplace to help stimulate innovation and economic growth, while protecting good paying jobs here at home.

This update had been a priority for both me and my Energy and Commerce Committee for a very long time. We understood the need to protect Americans from unsafe chemical exposure, which is why I co-sponsored the bill, and helped see it through a unanimous vote in our Committee, followed by a near unanimous vote in the House.

Finally, we can have greater confidence in the safety of our American-made chemicals and the products they go into.

I wish you all a happy 4th of July weekend, and as always, please don’t hesitate to contact my office with any opinions or issues you may be having with federal agencies.



Kurt Schrader
Member of Congress

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