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Schrader Issues Statement Following the President's Address to a Joint Session of Congress


April 28, 2021

Contact: Molly Prescott, 202-657-2676

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Kurt Schrader issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s first address before a joint session of Congress:

“Investing in both America and Americans is a bipartisan, bicameral goal we can all support.

“It is time we bring America back together by making investments in our basic infrastructure. To compete on the global stage in the 21st century, we must invest in our roads, bridges, transit, ports, jetties, water and sewer treatment facilities, energy resilience and broadband. Democrats and Republicans can find common ground here. Tonight, I heard many other worthwhile goals and hopefully they too will gain bipartisan support for a shared prosperity by all of us. That should come during the natural legislative give and take process, reflective of the true diversity of our country.  

“I am mindful that we have spent trillions of dollars averting economic catastrophe this past year, helping Oregon small businesses and families weather the storm, and I am proud of the work Congress has done in our darkest hours of the pandemic.  Future investments need to be narrowly focused for a maximum return, so we do not run the risk of inflation and destabilizing a recovering economy.  

“The wealthy need to pay their fair share as we all have a stake in our roads and bridges, our education, and raising our children. Future legislation should reflect that. Private enterprise is the real engine of economic growth, especially now that we are climbing out of the pandemic. Let’s empower them to do what they do best, create jobs for those that have not been allowed to work because of COVID-19.

“While I am confident we will see the reward for these investments in the years to come, we must prevent accumulating insurmountable national debt that could inhibit our long-term economic health. I will always be mindful of the fiscal fitness of the country and work to implement bold changes and growth in a way that will not pose a financial burden for future generations.

“I am committed to taking a bipartisan approach with my colleagues and the President to deliver on these issues and more as I fight to make the government work for all Americans.”