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Presidential Inaugural Committee Oversight Act

H.R. 600

The Presidential Inaugural Committee Oversight Act would increase transparency and accountability around the fundraising and spending of Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) money. The Congressman's bill would establish three basic requirements for all future Presidential Inauguration Committees:
  1. The committee must provide the FEC with a full list of expenditures for all committee business with regular updates until the committee is disbanded.
  2. A restriction that funds raised be spent only on official activities and not on lavish salaries or bonuses.
  3. A mandate that any surplus funds be given to a charity organization.

Currently, the Federal Election Commission requires every PIC to disclose basic information about donations to the committee; however, no such disclosure requirements or regulations exist around the spending of the funds. Additionally, unlike political campaign laws which regulate not only disclosures but fundraising and spending, there exist no laws around how each PIC may or may not spend the money it raises under the name of the President of the United States.