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Schrader Votes for National Defense Authorization Act

Tillamook Headlight Herald

Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) today which included his legislation to protect our veterans, increase transparency, and eliminate government waste. The package also includes authorizing language that streamlines bottlenecks for National Guard staff issues, requires DOD to develop better strategies on how to reach and engage with small business owners, as well as reforms for how DOD handles sexual and domestic assault cases within the military.

“Not the bill I would have written, this defense authorization package does have a lot of wins for our servicemembers and veterans back at home, and includes provisions for better budgeting,” said Rep. Schrader. “We have to take a holistic approach to our federal budget and that especially includes the Pentagon. We need to be smarter about the way we spend and not just spend more. DOD’s own business advisory board identified $125 billion in administrative waste and redundancies in their budget that could be used for better equipment and training for our troops rather than on outdated and unnecessary systems. My legislation that was included in this package will use their work to save taxpayer dollars and reallocate some of those funds to improve the lot of our servicemen and women. Americans deserve good stewardship of their hard earned money.”

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