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Schrader Statement on Trade Promotion Authority

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-05) announced he will support the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015, more commonly known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).

“I have been listening and evaluating trade for some time now, as Oregon is the 7th largest trader state in our country. Thousands of Oregonians depend on trade for their livelihoods through active trading or through supplying active traders. The greatest power in the 21st century will be the country with the biggest economy that sells its goods to the 95% of consumers that live in the rising middle class outside of this country around the globe. With America setting the rules of engagement, not China, we can be that power.”

“Many have had concerns about repeating the mistakes of NAFTA and previous trade promotion authorities. I have shared those concerns and was crystal clear that I did not support the old TPA from 2002. This new authority would need to include labor and environmental standards at the heart of the agreement, as well as protect American and Oregon investors, companies and workers, deal with intellectual property, data security, foreign government subsidies and greatly improve the transparency of future trade agreements for both Congress and the public to garner my support.”

“This version of the TPA does all of that. It is a vast improvement over the 2002 adopted agreement in all of these areas. Senator Wyden was instrumental in making sure every member of Congress and key staff members had access to the bill text, and in requiring that the President make the text of any trade agreement public at least 60 days before it is finalized. Additionally, if Congress feels, as your elected representatives, that the Administration has negotiated in bad faith, it can turn off fast track with an up or down vote.”

“I believe the 2015 version of the TPA will provide a better future for our State and I will support it.”

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