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Ag Committee Recommendations to Super Committee Provide Framework for 2012 Farm Bill

Over the past several months, the Super Committee was busy putting together long term debt and deficit packages that included drastic, uninformed reductions to agriculture, nutrition, and conservatio...

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Families Earn Less, Why Not Congress

Congressman Kurt Schrader and Congressman Dave Schweikert of Arizona advocate a paycut for members of Congress.

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Rough Beginnings for the 112th Congress

Regardless of how you feel about the 2010 elections, it brought two ideas to the forefront that we can all agree on: increased transparency in government and getting our fiscal house in order.

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Securing our Future: Speculation Reform in our Financial System

While Congress has focused on dealing with the immediate fallout of our economic crises and building a brighter future for America in education, energy and health care, we have also been working hard on developing legislation to prevent this economic crisis from happening again.

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Small Business
Tax code changes can ease burden on small business

Small businesses are the backbone of Oregon's economy as they provide jobs for 57 percent of employed Oregonians. They are also the first to suffer when the economy turns sour.

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Recovery package will help stabilize economy

The recovery package just passed by Congress does five things that set our nation up for recovery in the short-term and vitality in the long-term.

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