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National parks are so beloved they're in disrepair. Our National Park Restoration Act to shrink the maintenance backlog shows bipartisanship is alive.
Environment and Climate Change
USA TODAY: We love our national parks so much they're in disrepair and both parties agree on a fix

By Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR-05) and Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID-02) We love our national parks. But the problem is, we love them too much. The value of good administration and stewardship fo...

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Forestry & Natural Resources
The Hill: Resilient Federal Forests Act treats symptom and disease

As you read this, catastrophic wildfires continue to burn the western United States with no end in sight. More than 8.8 million acres of federal land have burned this summer. The U.S. Forest Service i...

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Statesman Journal: Treat record-breaking wildfires by changing budget

Oregon is fighting our worst fire season in recent memory. To date, over 333,000 acres have burned in our state and over 8 million acres total in the West. More than 1,000 residents have been forced t...

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Op-Ed in The Hill
Budget, Deficit Reduction & Fiscal Reform, Health Care
FEHBP modernization would improve service, save money

THE HILL - It is rare that our federal government has an opportunity to both serve people better and save taxpayers money, but the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) provides an opportu...

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Faith, Politics & Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I just returned from Congressman John Lewis' Faith and Politics Pilgrimage to Alabama and was deeply moved by the experience. Fifty years ago, courageous Americans stepped out of their comfort zone an...

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Forestry & Natural Resources, Health Care
Oregon's Forested Communities: Congressmen Offer Bipartisan Solution To Fiscal Crisis

By Reps. Kurt Schrader, Peter Defazio and Greg Walden Oregon's rural communities cannot afford another 20 years of gridlock in our federal forests. Without a new path forward, mills will continue to ...

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Ag Committee Recommendations to Super Committee Provide Framework for 2012 Farm Bill

Over the past several months, the Super Committee was busy putting together long term debt and deficit packages that included drastic, uninformed reductions to agriculture, nutrition, and conservatio...

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Families Earn Less, Why Not Congress

Congressman Kurt Schrader and Congressman Dave Schweikert of Arizona advocate a paycut for members of Congress.

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