Schrader Calls for CBO Score on Republican Repeal Bill

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Washington, D.C., March 8, 2017 | Carlee Griffeth (202-225-5711) | comments

Today during the Energy and Commerce markup of the Republican Repeal Bill, Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-5) attempted a motion to delay the markup until a CBO score on the bill is released. The motion was tabled without debate.

“All I tried to ask for is a delay in consideration of this bill until we have all of the facts,” said Rep. Schrader. “How can we seriously consider a bill without knowing the real-world effect it would have on our economy, our pocket books, and most importantly, our constituent’s health care? In 2009, a CBO score on the ACA was available to members of the committee before they voted on the bill. My friends across the aisle seem so adamant to force this hastily written bill through that they won’t even allow us to ask for a delay. Knowing the CBO score on such major legislation is something my friends on the other side of the aisle who claim to be fiscally conservative should care about. Forcing a vote without knowing the real world effect is reckless and just wrong.”

Congress has relied on the Congressional Budget Office for decades to provide a neutral, nonpartisan evaluation of the costs, savings, and real-world effects of legislation. In 2010, before the ACA was voted on and eventually passed, CBO released its findings that the bill would reduce the deficit, extend the Medicare trust fund, and insure millions of Americans. Additionally, CBO has said that the ACA is having a positive effect on bending the cost curve, and that it will reduce the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.

CBO has not yet released a report on the new Republican Repeal Bill. However, a report out earlier this year on a previous bill attempting to repeal the ACA show that within one year of enactment, a repeal bill would raise premiums by 25% and cause 18 million Americans to lose their health insurance. 

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