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Issues & Legislation

Oregon First

It is important that we always put Oregon first, whether it is through the benefits of national legislation or through grant funding aimed at creating local jobs to help put Oregonians back to work. Keep Reading


As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, I believe Congress must build on the strengths of American agriculture and promote investments in research, marketing and conservation. Keep Reading

Budget, Deficit Reduction & Fiscal Reform

The time has passed for Congress to courageously confront our ongoing fiscal crises with a big, bold and bipartisan approach to strengthen our economy and bolster economic growth and opportunity for our future generations. Keep Reading


A consistent investment in our nation’s education system is necessary to make sure we keep our economy and workforce globally competitive and to ensure the well being of this country for generations to come. Keep Reading

Energy & Environment

The federal government needs to make a strong investment in renewable sources of fuel that have the capacity to create thousands of new jobs and move our nation towards energy independence. Keep Reading

Forestry & Natural Resources

As a bipartisan coalition, Reps. Defazio, Walden and I have worked through our differences to forge a plan that would create thousands of new jobs in Oregon's forested communities, ensure the health of federal forests for future generations, and provide long-term funding certainty for Oregon's rural schools, roads, and law enforcement agencies. Keep Reading


The time is ripe for this Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform for the sake of our economy, jobs and millions of hopeful Americans. Keep Reading

National Defense

Fighting for your country is one of the highest forms of public service, and I inherently believe that this Congress has an obligation to ensure that our soldiers receive the highest form of representation both abroad and when they come home. Keep Reading

Net Neutrality

The Internet plays a major role in our personal and professional lives and as such I want to assure you I unequivocally support an “Open Internet.” What I do not support is any attempt to stifle communication of information or access to legal websites and content by an internet service provider (ISP). Keep Reading

Small Business

As a former small business owner and current member of the House Small Business Committee, I understand that small businesses are America's economic backbone. I am dedicated to helping Oregon's small businesses cut through the bureaucratic red tape of the federal government and provide them with the economic certainty they need to confidently invest, expand and create good, lasting jobs for Oregonians. Keep Reading


The United States is the world's largest exporter and importer. The U.S. currently has free trade agreements in force with 20 countries. These free-trade agreements cover not only manufacturing and most agriculture, but also services, government procurement and transparency, investment and intellectual property, as well as dispute resolution. Keep Reading

Transportation & Infrastructure

I strongly support transportation and infrastructure funding to create good jobs, spur economic growth and opportunities in our communities and improve commerce and travel across our region. Keep Reading