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Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Forms and Information

Schrader Deadline: 5:00PM PT, April 16th 
Eligible Accounts:
To learn about Community Project Funding and the various appropriations subcommittees and their deadlines click here.

To submit an appropriations request, please complete the online submission form.

Email all supporting documents to:

General Information

• Each Congressional office is limited to 10 requests.
• All requests need community support.
• There is a ban on For-Profit recipients.
• Public entities as potential grantees are encouraged. Nonprofit entities are eligible.
• Project requests that require a State or local match either by statute or longstanding policy, will still be required to do so, so the ability to demonstrate that these funds will be available is important.
      o Funds do not have to be in hand, but their needs to be a plan to meet the need.
• Requests cannot be for multiyear funding, but the project may be for more than one year depending on account.
Documentation suggestions:
• Letters of support from elected community leaders (e.g. mayors or other officials);
• Press articles highlighting the need for the requested Community Project Funding;
• Support from newspaper editorial boards;
• Projects listed on State intended use plans, community development plans, or
• other publicly available planning documents; or
• Resolutions passed by city councils or boards.

Rep. Schrader's Requested Projects