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Appropriations Requests

Appropriations Requests
Please complete this form in order to submit your community project funding request through appropriations. The deadline is April 15th at 5pm EST.

FY23 Community Funded Project Guidance
For guidance on requesting funding for a community funded project, please click on this link and find your relevant subcommittee on the document.

FY23 National Defense Authorization Act - Community Project Funding Requests
Please fill out this form to submit an NDAA Community Project Funding Request. The deadline for submitting Community Project Funding requests for the NDAA is 5:00 PM on Friday, April 8, 2022. Please email all supporting documentation to, and include “FY2023 NDAA CPF Request” and the project name in the subject line. You may also reach out with any questions on the submission form.

FY23 Community Funded Projects Disclosure Page
FY23 CFP Disclosure Link